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  History of Revelation Church of God in Christ


             Revelation Church of God in Christ, was organized in 1958, by it’s Founder Elder Edward Davis when the Pastor, by the Leading of the Lord, moved from Arkansas to California. After arriving in California , one day while walking down Avalon Blvd., the pastor came upon the building  at 5211 S. Avalon blvd., and saw that it was for rent. At this time he had only one dime in his pocket, with this one dime he decided to step out on faith, knowing that once he used this dime he had nothing else. He took the dime and called the owner, Mrs. Abrams, she told him to wait in front of the building until she arrived and she would show him the building. He had asked the lord to give him a place where he could established a church and also have a place to eat and sleep. After Mrs. Abrams showed him the building, it was just what he had asked the Lord for. The owner Mrs. Abrams decided to let him rent the building, where Revelation Church of God In Christ was located until she decided to sell the property.


             The first members were Mother Mabel Ruth Black, and Sister Clark. Mother Black was appointed Church Mother, and Mother Cordelia Moore was the first Missionary. The Bible Band Secretary was First Lady Rosie Mae Davis. After renting the place at 5211 S. Avalon Blvd., for several years, another minister purchased the property, therefore the church had to be relocated to another location. The pastor located the building at 1049 E. 43rd Place, Los Angeles, California, While at the building, the Lord gave the pastor a great revival, where many souls were saved.


  After being at the location for a while, the membership increased and the building could no longer hold the people. Remembering the first dime that he used to get the church started, the pastor asked each member for a dime each Sunday toward the building fund. Along with the members, the pastor was able to raise $4,000.  In 1965 the pastor and members were able to  purchase this building here at 5250 S. Avalon Blvd., Los Angeles, California.


  When the building was first purchased, there was much work to be done. There was no ceiling, sufficient lighting, or sufficient seats. Upon the Leading of the Lord, the pastor and members have been able to put in a ceiling, widening the auditorium, put in lighting, pews, carpeting, and stucco the outside of the building.


  In 1992 after Elder Davis’ retirement. Elder Arcell Bullock Sr. took the helm as Pastor. Thru his vision the Lord has Blessed the church to continue to flourish. Revelation Church of God In Christ has been in existence for over fifty years. Since that time the membership has increased, and upon the leading of the Lord the Pastor and members have been able to accomplish many things.

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